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Psychology IA urgent help needed

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Our psychology IA is based on Peterson and Peterson experiment (1959). We are performing an exact replication of the original experiment and in that there is only one group (experimental)  for which a repeated measures design has been used. However, according to the new IB guidelines, for the analysis bit we are required to apply both inferential and descriptive statistics. For inferential statistics we need a control group too, so that we can compare but there is no room for a control group in the original replication. In other words it won't make sense to have a control group.

Is it still possible to do the IA without inferential stats?

Can anyone suggest any other method to this with the inferential statistics?

For reference I am attaching a link of the original experiment: https://www.simplypsychology.org/peterson-peterson.html

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In a repeated measures design, the control group is the same group of people but it is called the control variable and you compare those results to the experimental variable.

I am not familiar with that study but in a repeated measures design it works like this:

You find a group of people

Group of people all do the same experiment under condition 1 (this is the control in many cases)

Group of people all do the same experiment under condition 2 (this is the experimental condition or where you changed a variable and are interested in its effects compared to how they performed in condition 1)

The correct test to use in your case would be the repeated measures or within group  t-test (not the mixed group or independent t-test) https://statistics.laerd.com/statistical-guides/dependent-t-test-statistical-guide.php 

There is an online tool you can use to get your data http://www.statskingdom.com/160MeanT2pair.html


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