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Music EE or Art EE?

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Hi there!

I'm currently an IB junior, and I need to choose a topic for my EE. I'm thinking about doing a Music EE but I'm not in IB Music. I've heard that my Music EE score would be negatively impacted if I don't take IB Music. But I consider myself to have substantial knowledge on music analysis, including proper terms and notations. I plan to explore the use of functional and non-functional harmony in modal jazz from 1950s to 1970s.

I'm also thinking about doing EE in Visual Arts, and I'm currently in Visual Arts SL, but I'm not sure what type of question I could write about. From my research, most of the Visual Arts EE papers seem to focus on the analysis of art pieces. I'm fine with analysis, but I'm more into actually creating arts.

I'm passionate about both subjects, so it's really hard to just choose one. My question is should I do a EE in Music or Visual Arts? If I should do Visual Arts, do you have any suggestion for a research question that is more hands-on (for example, creating my own art as an "experiment")?


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