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try and look in nasar's death scene, where he reportedly gets up and continues walking around 'stuffing his entrails' back inside him

magical realism isnt necessarily fantastical events, but things that aren't normal to us, but normal in the novel

e.g. dream interpretations are trustworthy/relevant, but to us they would normally be considered bologna

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Hi, i recently read the book in class and after a class discussion we agreed that the magical realism in chronicle is actually in the form of hyperbolization which is a trait/ characteristic of magic realism. You could use any part of the book where the vicario twins tell the people about their plans to kill Nasar. It is actually magical realism because they live in q small town where everyone knows everybody and it is “immpssile” to say that everyone knew about the death of nasar except him. So this could be used as an example of magical realism. If you think about it it has sense. I hope this helps you with your assignment. Best of lucks. :)

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