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Potential physics EE research question help

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Hello all,

I was looking into potential physics EE topics related to bicycles or even skateboards, as they're something I enjoy using. However, I couldn't think of a viable topic without a multitude of issues, including human errors and inability to calculate such quantities without professional equipment. A couple examples of my ideas follow:

1)  Investigating factors that affect the 'wobble' effect of skateboards.

Definitely related to speed and tightness of trucks, not sure about the mass of the skater. Tips are welcome.

2)      Investigating the most energy efficient grind in skateboarding.

Meaning which of the many grinds in skateboarding dissipate the least amount of energy. From what I can think of, it is mostly related to friction and area of contact. Tips are welcome for this topic although I feel like data collection will be quite difficult and unreliable.

3)      Investigating the most efficient braking methods on a mountain bike.

A problematic topic due to the abundance of human error. I would investigate the efficiency of a gradual braking, ‘slamming’ the breaks (and thus skidding), ‘drifting,’ or braking with the front brakes.

Note: I’m aware of the variables that I would need to keep controlled, I just did not see the need to mention them.

I would like opinions on the topics and whether they are viable, and if so which is the best option. As previously mentioned, tips would help me out a lot, as well as other topic suggestions related to bikes and skateboards :)

PS: Any topics related to backflips would also be doable for me, so if you have anything in mind feel free to share.


Thanks in advance.

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