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Hey guys, 

I’m in my first year of the IBDP (eight months in), and would like to know when you recommend I start my IAs. I’d really appreciate it if you explained why you chose the dates you chose for each subject (e.g. maths IA during November because the content is a lot...). I don’t know if that’s true it’s just an example.

Please keep in mind that I take exams on Nov 2019 so I begin school on January. Also, my subjects are:

Biology, Chemistry, English Lang and Lit. - HL

Mathematics, French ab initio, History - SL



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It's never too early to brainstorm ideas. Topics like bio, chem, and math you may need to have a very strong understanding to score well. Just research ideas and if it touches upon topics you haven't covered (eg calculus, organic) then just ask your teacher for guidance. 

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Definitely, it's never too early to start. But I take a few of your subjects too, so I'll tell you how mine worked out. BTW, I am a northern hemisphere student, so I start my year in August and end in early June.

English is four written task and a few more oral things... (FOA, IOC) Our teacher started us quite early on the written tasks, a few months into our first year. That was a good move, because you have to complete quite a few things, not just one big thing. I don't think English written tasks take too much effort since you don't have to research for them. FOAs are a pain but with a teacher who isn't insanely strict you can get by without having done much. 

I take Bio SL but even that was a serious pain. Our teacher only gave us a month to complete the entire first draft, experiment and all, and it took me forever to come up with a viable topic/RQ. Definitely start thinking about the RQ early! Go through all possible limitations before starting your experiment, I rushed mine and the experiment sucked. Take your time with working out the kinks. I did this a month before my summer holidays started I think.

Can't really say anything about Chemistry or Maths... I do take French but our teacher is letting us do the whole thing in class time, so I can't help with that either. Doesn't look too difficult yet though.

I'm a History HL student and I can't remember how different the IA requirements were, but start this early. You don't have to complete it early, but I feel as if the research for this should take you a good long while. Space it out like a mini EE honestly. Our teacher gave us a period of about five months in spring to complete the first and final submissions. 

Hope this helped and good luck!

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