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Chemistry Revision Sources

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Hey there,

I have my mocks coming up next week and my real IBs in like 4 months. My Chemistry teacher (who was pretty awful) has just left and my new teacher speaks no English. I have the 2014 edition chemistry course companion for IB but I don't really like the explanations (very long and difficult to follow). All the other books in my school library are for the older syllabuses. 

I was wondering if anybody new any really good chemistry study guides/ text books for SL that are for the current syllabus? Is there a chemistry equivalent of Bioninja? Something online would be preferable because in Argentina it is hard to get hold of IB material quickly and cheaply (if you order books from overseas they literally take months to arrive and I don't have months 😖).

Thanks in advance

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On 9/11/2018 at 12:40 AM, IBZOMBIE9840 said:

If you can give me your email id,  I will give you a lot of chemistry books in drive so that you can refer and also check which is good for you. It also includes a lot of study guides.

Also, You can use smashing chem for revision and you can also get hold of the chapter by chapter questionbank

Thank you, I will give smashing chem a try 

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