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urgent help needed for maths ia!

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so basically i have to redo my entire maths IA because it doesn't make sense, and I only have less than a month to finish everything... 

The thing is, I feel that I chose quite a difficult topic and I am having difficulties understanding what to do next... 


Does anyone have tips for someone like this in this kind of scenario? I'm stressing out right now because i'm not sure if i'll be able to organise my time once school starts for the maths IA, the EE, chem IA, etc etc and I'm kind of freaking out... 



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How much of the IA do you know well? How much of it is beyond syllabus? It's better to have just few strong points and really explain them well. Try to greatly simplify your topic until you can explain everything in detail. Once you do that, you have option to add complicated stuff if time permits.

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