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HELP Needed for Math IA

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Hi I’m going into math sl and we have to write an IA. I wanted to write an IA on population growth in China but i have no idea how to. Can someone tell me how to write this and if it’s a suitable subject for Math SL IA? 

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Every topic can be suitable for a Maths IA as long as you manage to exploit the mathematical aspect of it. You should ask your teacher for guidance regarding how to approach your topic. Data modelling is an option for you, but you have to develop your IA more than just modelling the population in China over the years. You should look at your textbook and go through the topics and chapters; you might find a few that you could use in your IA. Once you have your Maths topics, you can decide what to write about regarding China's population. If you can't find anything suitable, you could always change topics while you are ahead of time.

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