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I'm currently in DP1 and I'm the only one taking French B. I just feel like theres so much to know to be able to score decently, I'm really clueless as to how I can improve from my current level of french to a level of proficiency. I struggle alot to comprehend and speak french and it is very intimidating. I dont have anyone to practice french with either.

Could someone give me some pointers as to how I can build a base for myself and get a good grip of the subject in terms of reading, writing and speaking?

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It's not easy to learn a language, especially if you don't have any classmates to learn from. You will have to do a lot of studying on your own.

I recommend you watch movies and TV shows in French with English subtitles, that way you can get used to how words sound and what they mean. When you feel more comfortable, put on subtitles in French so that you see how words are written and pronounced (which can be very different in French).

For reading, try to read articles in french (online news for kids in French will be very useful, as the vocab they use will be more appropriate to your level) as well as books (again, children's books or classic novels adapted for children will help you the most).

For writing, keep a journal and try to write in French. Include new vocabulary and grammar you've learn't - simple sentences will do. If you write in your journal daily, you will get a lot of practice. Try to proofread your journal and check for mistakes, or have your teacher check it if you can (and then correct your mistakes so you learn from them).

For speaking, it is harder because you don't have classmates. If there's someone taking French A or ab initio, try talking to them in French to practice. Otherwise, talk to your teacher in French only. Lastly, you could always speak out loud to yourself (it's weird, but good practice) or try to find a French pen pal online? 

All the things I suggested will take time and effort, and you won't see the results immediately. Just don't give up and try your best.

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