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Re-Moderation for Internal Assessment coursework

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Has anyone had experience of course work being sent for re-moderation that came back with a positive outcome.

I have had a 6 marks drop from my raw score in my Chemistry Internal Assessment which way over, almost double of 15% tolerance that IB sets and the school has requested a re-moderation. I am sitting on the upper boundary of 6 for my Chemistry HL when I could have comfortably been a 7.

I could not find any information on what the success rate of these  re-moderation requests are..

Help Please..

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I feel that re-moderation varies by subject and by school. For an experienced school, if this year predicted is very different from last two years, then it's very likely the moderation will change. If every year people get 6 marks off then a re-mod likely won't change that. These are just extreme cases.

When I took Chem HL, I too got a high 6 and IA was moderated down 20% ish marks. However a 6 or 7 didn't make a difference in my offer so I didn't really care. If the difference is really critical, you can write to your university to remove the constraint in the offer because you prepared for the final assuming you had a certain IA grade. I heard that universities generally will understand if they have already given an offer. 

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Your response gives some hope.

i don’t need a 7 in Chemistry. I only need to meet subject level criteria in Maths and Physics .

However I need one more IB point to meet the total IB points set for my offer and Chemistry is my best bet as I need .8 of a mark to go up on my course work to get a 7 which will give me the one extra point ..  

Chemistry course work moderation has never been moderated down to this extent in the last few years ..

it is nearly 28%. Even if it goes to 25% I’ll would have made it.

so frustrating ..

thanks for your response 

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