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Hey guys,

Hope everyone did well for their exams. I got a 4 sitting at a 53 on the grade boundary for chem HL and need 1 mark to progress to the next grade boundary. I'm contemplating requesting a remark except that my component scores and total scores are already quite low :(

P2: 25

P3: 33

IA: 15

Anyone has been in a similar situation and has advice to offer?

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Personally, I would advise against a remark in your case, unless the IA has been severely moderated down (in which case an appeal would require all the IAs to be remarked). 5 marks is a stretch in any subject, but especially in the sciences. It will most likely end up a 4, and you will lose money.


Of course, you can always try, especially if you really need it to meet a university offer. 

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23 minutes ago, KMNpls said:

My apologies, the wording was a little confusing. I meant that I need only 1 mark to progress to the next grade boundary which is a 5. (I've edited the original post)

In that case I think its very worth remarking. The difference between a 4 and a 5 in a HL subject is tremendous, particularly for US universities where you are likely to get course credits for the latter and none for the former. Moreover, a '5' in a HL implies significant proficiency whereas a '4' is a bare pass. Since you're only 1 mark away, and the benefits are very worthwhile, imo its worth taking the risk of remarking as 1 point is still very realistic even for a hard science subject. 

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Hi I retook my Biology and Chemistry HL exams during the November 2018 session. Just got my results today. Made an improvement in both exams from a 3 to a 4. I got a 52% in bio (2%) off a 5 and a 48% in Chem (5%) to a 5. Would like to know whether I should have it remarked and hopefully be able to attain my IB Diploma. 

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