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Study Tips for Sciences?

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Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has any study tips for HL Chem and/or SL Bio!

1. What are the best methods to keep up with the content throughout my IB experience? (as I heard that it is not wise to binge study right before May exams, but rather reviewing the content as you go)

2. What types of studying styles are best for HL Chem/Sl bio? (example; learning concepts etc.)

3. ANYTHING you can to let me know as all help is appreciated! 


IB Kid

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Well, the important thing I learned after a while is that bio and chem arent subjects that can be crammed anymore.

There are many concepts for the two subjects but you have to be able to understand them inside out.  So NEVER procrastinate and keep up with the lessons in class so that before a test you aren't learning new content. Do notes whenever you have spare time, make sure you understand it after class and ask questions! If you have time try to read up a few pages before class so you can ask questions in class during the lesson.

Learning styles can be subjective but note taking is a pretty good standard way to pick up key points. You'll find for chem is that it is a more concept based subject while bio is cramming, understanding and taking in information. So you'd have to adjust your note taking style. In my chem notes I explain allot of the concepts to myself and in bio, I'm just taking in all this information from the textbook and simplifying it and organizing it. Another way to keep up and be on top of your game is to also watch videos. It works because you are taking in all your concepts through new contexts. Crash-Course is awesome for chem and bio. But with all this, you have to keep reviewing all that you take in! Reread your notes, cue cards, videos etc. 

Good luck :)

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