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Basically, you need to cite everything you got from a book (website, journal article, newspapers, etc.). You, generally, don't have to cite your opinions and analysis of the facts. 

With history imparticular, that means a bunch of citations. The more papers you write, what you need to cite and what it 'common knowledge' enough tends to become more clear. 

If you have specific questions about sentence or two, feel free to ask them either here or through PMs.



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Too add to what _IB Taking Over_  already said.

No, not everything.  A lot is common knowledge, yes, but there are times where you want to allow your readers to trace an idea or check the facts  --  or that you realize came from your own recent reading and learning and that you want to acknowledge. Some judgement is required here, but when in doubt cite anyway.  A lot of this is just "feel".

You won't get zapped for not citing general knowledge, if that is what you worried about.

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