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English EE- is just one source enough??

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Im doing my EE on the symbolism in Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro and I've only used the novel as a source.

Do I have to refer to other sources too? There isnt much research done on symbolism in NLMG so I dont know how I would get more than just one source!! Please help!!

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Yes, you should try to incorporate at least (it can be brief, and probably should be) one or two other scholarly sources. I was a bit skeptical of your claim that there wasn't much research, so I took a minute to briefly look into it, and there is some good research out there that you should be able to find. Remember to look using scholarly search engines (or just be good at googling). Don't necessarily search for symbolism. Start with the widest search terms and then select what you like.

If you do put in some more work to find some stuff and honestly cannot find anything (remember, the text doesn't necessarily have to be exact same thing thing you're doing. Find a way to make it work), message me again and I'd be happy to steer you in the right direction. 

Also, I recently listened to the author's acceptance speech of the Nobel Prize in literature and I think it could be instructive *cough cough* for your purposes (IB specifically mentioned in the old guide that authorial statements such as interview were good for literature EE's, but please check the new guide. I don't know if that has changed.)

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