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What jobs require HL math? Does medicine require HL math?

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Medicine does not require HL math, all you need is an Sl math for medicine. It could be better to take HL math, but it will also be unnecessary because what is more important is that you are taking 2 of the science courses: physics, bio and chem. Some jobs that require HL math can be physicist, astronomer, economics, engineering, biochemist, etc. there is a long list that I am sure that you can find online. However the jobs that I stated above are not limited to math HL, meaning SL can also suffice depending on what specific job you want. 

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Yes I have too taken all three science subjects HL with Math HL...currently in the first year of ib...it's not that difficult, definitely looks better on your resume but if you can't cope with Math HL with medicine, it's a very bad idea to take hl...SL will do just fine. :)


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