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Switching Language Classes in Pamoja

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Hello Everyone,

So I will keep this short and hopefully, someone can answer my question. I am currently enrolled in the Pamoja French ab initio course and I'll admit I am not doing very well at all and am quite concerned about my progress. Also, the teacher we have is terrible. He is five weeks behind in grading, cancels lessons five minutes after they should have started, and all in all its just been a terrible experience. My question to you is this - Can I switch courses from French to Spanish? We are in week 11 of the program, however, I believe I should be able to catch up in the Spanish class as I had two years of beginner Spanish my Freshman and Sophmore years.

If anyone has any answers or insights regarding my question please answer below.

Thanks in advance!!!

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Er, I'm not entirely sure what Pamoja is, but if you are concerned about how your teacher is handling the class, if it's possible, perhaps try and speak to him about it, or an administrator or something? But if you're worried about your progress, I guess it would have to depend on whether or not you think you could first handle the course and achieve well in it, with the additional 11 weeks of catch-up work you have to do. Perhaps speak to a teacher about this and see if it's possible to still switch because in my school we weren't allowed to switch our subjects after 2 months. Hope this helped somehow :\

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