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I'm worried about my IA introduction because it's too conversational? What do you think?

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Procrastinating on English, I scrolled through my Tumblr dashboard, and suddenly became interested in a peculiar gif in which there was a circle turning to create this weird shape. I was fascinated that by adding more circles to the major circle, the more accurate the rectangular shape would be. Intrigued, I immediately googled the description of the post, ‘sawtooth waveform,’  and found another gif on Reddit. This time, the graph depicted a square wave! When n increased the closer the function replicated the graph. What would happen if n was 500? How accurate would it be? If n was infinity how close is the function to the original graph? What real world applications does this even have? And that’s when my English procrastination suddenly became a “productive” 6 hour session of MIT teachers with chalkboard fastly scribbling as I wrapped my head on learning Fourier Series.

This is my very rough draft of my introduction, and I will definitely add more to how I became fascinated by Fourier Series.

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4 hours ago, lolkeinthatsghey said:

This is my very rough draft of my introduction, and I will definitely add more to how I became fascinated by Fourier Series.

It's not that it is too conversational, but there may be a more coherent and effective introduction. Right now, this stream-of-consciousness narrative does not explain the math precisely. You will likely lose marks on mathematical presentation if you mention n without giving the formula first. It is always difficult to describe images, so instead of "adding more circles", you should use specific mathematical descriptions of the circles' relationships. Either don't talk about the images at all, or use very precise terminology.

Finally as a reminder, "personal engagement" is not how IA relates to you, but instead how you make the IA unique, original, and thorough. Hence there is no reason to over-explain why you choose the topic.
Hope that helps

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