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Switching from maths SL to HL

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I started the IB almost three months ago and I chose from the beginning to do maths SL. Now I regret that decision so much. I really wish I could switch from maths SL to HL but is it actually possible? I read that once you have started with Marhs SL you cant upgrade to HL but I haven’t  asked to the IB coordinator yet. My Maths teacher thinks it wouldn’t be a problem for me to switch to HL and I really want it because I feel like I’m not using my full potential and I’m so frustrated. Maths SL is too easy for me and I’m above the level of the class. I don’t want to stay in the SL class if it’s still possible to pass to HL maths.

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i've just switched from maths hl to sl (not because it was too hard, because my school wouldn't let me continue with 4 hls and i liked three other subjs more), and i reckon it would be doable for you. the stuff we'd done in hl so far wasn't all that difficult (since its the beginning of hl most of it you'd do in sl at some point anyways), and there was definitely some overlap with what the sl class had done. if you're willing to put in a bit of extra work catching up i think you'll be absolutely fine! but i do think that you should aim to switch as soon as possible, bc hl does move at a super fast pace and although the first two months weren't crazily difficult, i know it steps up a LOT soon. 

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