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Hi guys, 

I'm in my 1st year of DP and our EE coordinator told us to start writing up a proposal for our EE. Now I have a slight dilemma with my subject choices: I really want to do either History or Visual Arts, however, there is an issue with both of them. 

History: I want to pursue a career in History and I was going to take it up as an IB subject but since we do not have a DP History teacher, I did not - would it be wise to do an EE in a subject that it is not a subject of mine and has a MYP supervisor? I would like to add, though, that I really do like History.

Visual Arts: I'd like to look into art history but again we do not have a DP V.A teacher therefore it is not one of my IB subjects - would it be wise to do an EE for the same reason above? Furthermore, the MYP teacher that is available is not really adept in the English language and I feel that would affect my grade.

As a backup, I have English literature, however, it's not really my favourite subject...

All the same, I'd really appreciate some feedback!

Thanks again :)

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I have experience doing the history EE. It's not that hard for those unfamiliar with the syllabus to do. My recommendations are to learn OPVL and apply them to your sources (once you read up more on it, you'll get a feel for something that you should do a lot of OPVL on versus just a quick introduction and jumping right to analyzing the source directly–during which you can still use OPVL). My other recommendation is analysis. Lots of it. That's what scores well with IB. Like it or hate it, they do not like reading summaries of events. Finally, be sure to read as many exemplary EE's as you can and marker comments in general, as those will really help you get a feel of what your trying to do. Good luck.

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I think you should do history...the amount of support you supervisor can give you is minimal anyways so the majority of the research needs to be done independently. What's important is not the supervisor by rather YOUR interest, so history would seem like the better choice in my opinion :)

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