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There is a section of the maths IA where you have to specify and use a "maths method/process" to delve into and further progress your research and analysis. I was never very good at maths, let alone debunking raw maths data, so I'm really worried that I might butcher my final score! My maths IA is about how different genres of video-games can affect test scores, from a sample of students who play video-games in their free time. 

I was hoping to get some help/examples regarding which maths methods to use for analysing statistical data. At this rate, any help is seriously appreciated!

(Before anyone wonders why I don't ask my teacher, it's because she isn't a native English speaker. On some occasions, although very rarely, she won't understand what I am struggling with. Sadly, this is one of those occasions. She is however a very kind and caring person.)

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