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Spectroscopic analysis of iron - IA

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Hey guys, 

So for my IA, I'd like to determine the effect of boiling on iron content in spinach. I'm faced with two problems.

Namely, it's a very experimental investigation, and I doubt I can get literature values. I was told comparing with lit values should be done, is this a problem for me? (I WILL, however, be using the Beer-Lambert law....)

The other thing is, if I choose to analyse the leaves themselves, and not the resultant water after boiling, I will need ethanol* to break the cell walls. Will this interfere with hydroxylamine hydrochloride and ortho-phenanthroline? 

*Check: I could just blender the leaves right? :P

Thanks so much!!!

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Well, there are a few questions I have regarding your IA. 

1. How can you ensure there won't be any variability in your data? If you were to do different sorts of spinach there should be a variation, but what if there's a large disparity in values in one sort that you use?

2. Is there enough information out there to ensure you can backup your claims/results? Can the difference in amount of iron be explained sufficiently?

3. Can you ensure that breaking the cell walls and then testing will not interfere with the method you decide to use in order to measure the iron content? Could it be possible some of the iron is present in other complex molecules?


Generally, your idea sounds rather good, but make sure you're somewhat concrete on this so your analysis and conclusion don't sound flaky! :)

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Amount of iron can be found in nutrition value tables. (Consider a Google search in English)

Ethanol will not react with either the hydroxyamine hydrochloride or ortho-phenanthroline. A good IA will give brief justification why this is case, such as by drawing attention to nucleophilicity and electrophilicity of the substances. 

I do not know if blender the leaves can substitute the ethanol. 

In the IA, you should clearly explain where the color come from, and predict the geometry of the metal complex.



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