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How hard is getting a 45 and is it worth it?

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How hard is it to get a 45 and is it worth it?

I'm in grade 10 and next year I will start my IP 'journey.' My school has never gotten a 45 pointer so I want to be the first but, what exactly does that entail?

If its any use, my most likely subjects would be

English HL

History HL

Biology or Chem HL

French SL

Math SL

Chemistry/Physics SL

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Basically my too long; didn't write answer for this question is just try your best, it's highly, highly unlikely you'll get a 45, and even if you do manage it there are no inherent privileges that it concedes. If I can find a better, longer answer that I previously wrote I'll edit it into this.

My previous answer to this type of question:

On 2017-06-15 at 2:13 PM, VaishnaviSharma said:

1) Could someone tell me how much effort needs to be put in to achieve this? As in the hours approximately to be put each day/week?

2) Do you recommend me to study during the summer?

3) An honest opinion on how hard it is to achieve 45/45

4) How do I go about TOK, CAS, Extended Essays and Internal Assessments?

On 2017-06-15 at 2:28 PM, Nomenclature said:


1) Lots. You will have to study and put in an amount of work that is far beyond the norm. The amount of hours is up to you.

2) Again. Up to you.

3) The 2% the shellzies mentions is deceptive. In reality, the sample (IB students) is already the cream of the crop and extremely motivated. You have to be exceptional.

4) Just as any other student would, but putting in more work.

I would recommend that you consider your goal and why you want to achieve it. Being very honest, I don't think there is much sense in being "dead-focussed" on getting a 45. I don't mean to be rude, but it seems pointless. Aiming to do well and get a good mark is normal and even something I would recommend, but the insistence on a 45 seems stupid. Getting a high score (let's say above 40 for your purposes) will open many doors for you and provide opportunities just as a 45 will. I'd try my best and see where the chips fall, as the saying goes. Whatever you do, don't do it for the prestige. Don't do it for the admiration. Even doing it "to be the best" will likely lose it appeal as you gain more experience and grow older. What I enjoyed most in IB was the people I met, not a sheet of paper with scores that may or may not be "good".

"Our fundamental crisis in life is resolving the cognitive dissonance between our mama telling us we were special and finding out we aren't 99.999% special" 

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To answer your question about how worth it is... I think its dependent upon whether or not you actually need it to matriculate into a desired university course. For a course I want to get into at Sydney University 45 is actually mandated so, in that sense, its a worthwhile goal for me personally. But, you'd have to answer that question based on what your university aspirations are. If you're just doing it for pride purposes then its gonna be a whole lot of effort for what seems like a non-practical goal. 

My advice would be just concerted effort over time (and probably yes in your summer), becoming familiar with the syllabi and the marking instruments, not ignoring any subject or component of a subject and really being focused and dedicated to your goal throughout the IB.

45 isn't by any means impossible, but in the same respect its not designed to be easy. Good luck with your IB. :)


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