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Need a research question based on "Technology in WW2"

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I'm trying to develop a good research question for my History IA that involves technology during WW2, like the atomic bomb and radar. I have considered questions like "How did WW2 influence developments in science" and "To what extent was technology during WW2 affected by the war", but these seem very general and difficult to research.

Any advice is appreciated! Thanks..


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Hi, welcome to IB Survival.

Yes, you are right on them being too general. I'll also offer a friendly tip, it will probably be easier to analyze the effect of a certain technological element on a certain sides success in a certain facet/battle than analyzing the effect of the war on technology, which in addition to being way too much to cover doesn't lend to easy, opinionated, snappy conclusions which is what you want in an essay that is basically as I recall ~1200 words (it was 2000, but a lot of it is filler material). And I can imagine some examiners would be annoyed by–say you explaining the technicalities and analyzing the highly scientific principles of missile guidance than an actual historical event. So there's that.

On IB Survival you can ask questions about just about anything IB, but I'd advise you to think more about this one. Have you thought of any ideas? Have you read through the subject-specific guide which gives examples created by IB themselves? More or less, I want to know how we can actually help you. Nobody's just going to suggest a prompt to you. First, it's outsourcing your work, which I might be happy to do if you were to pay me, but you aren't, so that's off the table. Second, it borders on academic dishonesty. And third, you need to choose a topic that you like so that you aren't miserable for the next nine months while writing the IA (or at least if you are, your wrath can only be self-directed :P).

We're happy to you here, but we can't work miracles. 

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Just as a follow-up, I'll also say if you are legitimately stuck, just pick something that interests you and then read a trusty secondary source on it so you can use the secondary source's bibliography to move onto primary sources.

If nothing interests you, then first, stop being an angsty teen :D, and then talk to your teacher about topics. Don't ask him/her for a research question, but just discuss some possible alleyways.

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