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Computer Science Requirements

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Hey All,

I'm planning on pursuing Computer Science in university, ideally in the US or Canada. I wanted to know what the general requirements are for the subject in both the US and Canada. So far I've written the New SAT with Essay, and my subjects for the IB are Math(HL), Physics(HL), Computer Science(HL), Language and Literature(SL), Spanish ab initio(SL), Business Management(SL).  Are my subject choices fine? Should I be doing any other tests(AP or SAT Subject Test)? Any help would be appreciated!

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Yes, you'll be well prepared with your subject choices.

Assuming you're doing the OOP option in IB Computer Science, you may want to take the AP Computer Science A test as it won't be much different (you'll be expected to write code on paper in Java). The reason being your university of choice may award more credits for this class or you might score slightly better on this and get more credits, etc. Same thing for AP Calculus BC if you're doing the Calc. option in HL.

Apart from that, check individual universities' requirements on their website; i.e. if you want to go to Brown, and Brown requires that students like you (I don't know if you're domestic or international) take SAT Subject tests, then please take two SAT subject tests that you think you will do well on so you can apply to Brown. Common sense stuff like that.

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