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So I have been in the IB Program since kindergarten and now I am in 9th grade at the IB High School and they kick people out but I have seen the seniors class of 2018 most of them have and hair grades below an 80 in Mississippi you must maintain in 80 or above in IB. I have a 71 average in Spanish and a 57 average in geometry but I haven't 80 in above and all of my six classes. Im not sure if i will pass this semester. They have to give probation letters before they kick you out. They always said 2nd term they give letter amd they kick you out come Christmas. But once a again their are seniors thah have failed more than 1 IB class since their High school IB career. But ny school does kick people out. Can anyone explain is it selective?

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Hi, welcome to IB Survival.

I'm sorry, not to be rude, but I can't understand your post. You're saying that your school requires students to have an average of 80 or above? Okay. I understand that.

Then you lost me. There's a lot of typos in the message; I'd recommend you proofread messages that you send: Obviously in a professional/school environment, but also with something like this, because people who answer questions want to be able to read them quickly and not have to guess their meaning. If English isn't your first language, then don't worry, just try to state your question as simply as possible and we'll try to understand you.

I want to help, but I can't. If you state your question more clearly, I'd be happy to help to you.

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We had a rule like this at my high school as well. If you didn't keep a 3.0 (B or 80 Average) they could kick you out of the program. Although, I don't know if this was actually enforced or not. 

My guess is that it's probably a bit selective. It's probably there so they can weed out the people that aren't trying and don't really care. But, your best bet is to ask you diploma coordinator at your school (or someone of that nature). 

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