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So, IB2s.... how y'all doing?

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Hi there people!


Considering our exams are slooooowly creeping up, I figured I'd ask how you're doing with your coursework and all. Have you met your deadlines? Are you in a rush? Did you write these 4000 words overnight?

I'll give some of my life:

Chem: IA done & submitted

Bio: IA done & submitted

German: WT done 

English: WTs done (yet to choose which one to submit)

Geography: IA draft submitted

Maths: lol not a clue what my IA will be on and proposal is due soon 

EE: first draft done, final going to be submitted in November - currently cutting word count down (yay)

TOK: Presentation done, essay proposals in the making

Group 4: done! 


Overall I'm quite happy with my progress, though I wish I had completed my EE by now - had to postpone it because of entry exams and all (grr...). Let's just, uh, not talk about maths... :P


So, how's your progress going? Willing to share some tips and tricks on how to stay organised? Let's share our secrets, after all..



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Math: final draft submitted, goodbye forever

English: in progress FOA2 and WT2 hahha

Mandarin: written task first draft almost done

Biology: first draft in for ia, waiting for feedback

Chemisty: data collected, gotta write up my first draft now ;-;

Psychology: done lmao 

EE: Working on final draft, crying

TOK: presentation done, starting planning for the essay


overall coursework is ok, except for chemistry still struggling with topics hah

just taking it one day at a time :)

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