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I have been keeping my Chemistry IA for last as it is the one causing me the most problems. MY school is new to IB and therefore the help given is quick limited and we only start doing IA's in IB2. Our teacher more or less let us fend for ourselves to develop a RQ and Protocol and after a long time of research I was wondering whether some more experienced students or ex-students might tell me if my topic is any good.


I wanted to calculate the rate of reaction when adding different salts (NaCl, CaCl2, MgSO4, MgCl2) to Ice (H20). Along with this I would of course analyse the temperature changes throughout the reaction in order to conclude which salt has the most effect on the ice (melting obviously). This would allow me to graph my results. I thought of this as I am Swiss/Norwegian and therefore have always been in an environment of cold weather, which should help me for Personal Engagement. 

Unfortunately beyond that I do not know how to proceed as my teacher has essentially told me to figure it out myself, but perhaps some of you have tips or a certain idea on what specific apparatus I should use. So far I have the salts, the basic things such as beakers/conical flasks, gloves + lab coat + glasses, a temperature probe and lab quest, a stopwatch, a freezer and I'll need to find some sort of thermos to keep the reaction in a closed system.

Any help whatsoever, from criticism, to tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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