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Poem Analysis Urgent!!!

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This is a denise levertov poem. I have to analyze the poem and present it in couple of hours!!!


In this silvery now of living alone,

doesn’t it seem, I ponder,

anything can happen?

On the flat roof of a factory

at eye level from my window,

starling naiads dip in tremulous rainpools

where the sky floats, and is no smaller

than long ago.

Any strange staircase, as if I were twenty-one–

any hand drawing me up it,

could lead me to my life.

Some days.


And if I coast, down toward home, spring evenings, silently,

a kind of song rising in me to encompass

Davis Square and the all-night

cafeteria and the pool hall,

it is childhood’s song, surely no note is changed,

sung in Valentines Park or on steep streets in the map of my mind

in the hush of suppertime, everyone gone indoors.

Solitude within multitude seduced me early.

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