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can anybody tell me if it is sufficient to do biology ia on the effect of pH on a certain enzyme and then record time needed for the change in colour which would indicate that the substrate has been decomposed? Does this allow to score high on criteria, especially considering that the data collected is time? 


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You should watch out with your topic since it seems pretty similar to one of the compulsory topics (which you aren't allowed to use as IA): "Investigation of a factor affecting enzyme activity" (theses factors being temperature, pH, and substrate concentration).

Your method of measuring should also have a certain degree of accuracy. For example, using a colorimeter would be advised to obtain better quantitative results, rather than just "eye-balling" (which would give qualitative results).

There is probably a way of doing your IA on enzyme activity but you need to watch out for the three factors mentioned above. For instance, if you do HL, you could have a look at inhibitors.

Good luck.

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