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Really confused about chemistry EE question?

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Hey y'all :) 

My EE's in Chemistry (Yeh I finally settled on Chemistry for people who have been following my struggles hehe). So! In my EE I am determining whether or not catalase follows the Michaelis Menten kinetics. But then I continue to determine things like rate constant, order of reaction, concentration of enzyme in the yeast source, the catalytic and kinetic efficeincy, etc. 

I am not sure how to formulate a research question to include ALL of these things I am analysing. With the EE being due in 2 days time this is really stressing me out. I came up with a RQ: Does catalase follow M-M kinetics? But of course my teacher said that this RQ only includes the preliminary section of the EE, so guys how should I formulate this question, any hint, tips, advice would be amazing atm. :))


Have a great day! 

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