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Help with Subject Selection

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Hello there. I'm studying in Canada and plan to go to university in Canada, though I'm unsure as to which field I'll focus on. Basically, I just want to keep my options open. As of right now, I'm signed up for:

English Literature HL

Math SL

History HL

Biology HL

French SL (but I'll be taking the course with the HL students for a period of time due to my fluency)

And I also need to select one more from one of the following, (I've listed them from my current most preferred to least preferred)

CompSci SL, Chem SL, Physics HL or Economics SL

This has been on my mind for forever. Any advice that you guys can give would be awesome, whether it be for my sixth subject, or any of the subjects I'm currently signed up for. I don't want my IB years to be ruined by a nasty course combination. 

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Hey fellow Canadian,

Since you're pretty open minded about what you wanna do in university, it'll be kinda hard to help pick a sixth subject. Some ideas:

If you want to study science/pre-med, go with chem
If you want arts/humanities/business, go with economics

Just so you know, for engineering you will need chem and physics to get into any Canadian university

The best thing to do is to look through some pre-requisites for programs you're interested in. If you really don't know, pick chem to cover the pre-reqs for any science/arts/humanities/business/nursing programs

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