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so i'm starting my junior year (10th grade) and my first year in IB (rather than Pre-IB). when i went to my orientation, several of my teachers weren't there and i didn't get to ask about supplies.

the classes i have questions: 

HL English 3 (or AP Lit Comp)

SL Bio 2 

if you have any suggestions, please let me know! thank you!

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What kind of supplies do you mean? Study material, stationery, etc.?

If so, you already have @heba.1 that answered that question in a copy of your thread: 

That list does cover many things, but if you also include study material I'd also add the study guide for bio. In my school, the majority of the students also had laptops, especially for classes such as geo and languages.

Concerning @vivianm, I can only suggest a limited amount supplies based on the subjects we had in common.

  • For math: squared paper in either a notebook format or in a binder, a calculator (a GDC if possible), geometry tools, the necessary pens/pencils/etc.
  • For sciences: a binder or a notebook will be necessary. Again the basic stationery is also a must. It's probably also a good idea to have coloured markers (they're useful in any science).


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