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Hey guys! I'm gonna write my exam for French SL next year and I would like to start preparing from now. I got an 84 in Grade 11 IB french last year, which isn't AMAZING but quite good since the course was quite difficult for everyone. I will aim for a high 6/7 next year, which I believe is attainable with hard work.

If anyone can provide any advices or resources, they would be greatly appreciated!! 

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Guest TheMagical7

[Edit: It seems I didn't read the title properly.]

In French B SL at the moment we are just bringing the slowpokes in my class up to date, even though it's half way to the end of the year -.- . For me it's been easygoing, and this year the tenses we learned include the plus-que parfait, conditionnel, conditionnel passe and futur anterieur - I suppose you lucky francophones would've already learned this in primary school. Personally I find it irritating the way the class progresses - it may just be my class, because my written French really has not advanced since Year 10. 

Other than the few tenses we rushed in a few weeks, we've been focussing on formal and informal texts, such as the diary, letter to some official on some topic, and also writing a speech. Obviously we do class-discussion orals though I'm terrible at spoken french XD 

Our learning has been foccused around the core-topics, and also 2 topics that the class can choose. So far we chose Multiculturalism so that means learning the vocab for it, as well as the ideas and arguments to use.

If anyone else will reply to this, I would also like to ask what else there is that we have to cover as we go into Year 12?

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I'm also taking French B but HL, and although I didn't do quite as well in my end of year exams I had a bunch of resources just laying there that I definitely could have, and should have used.

This page in general has some good links you could explore: http://www.tremplinfle.com/ib-french-b.html 

The first thing is for the oral exam, you could start preparing your notes for each photograph and practicing your presentation and the possible follow up questions. 

For the written paper, practice doing different topics in different format of writing, this textbook https://mirror.uu.sg/ib/TemplarKnight98/eBooks/Group 2 - Language Acquisition/OXFORD/French B - Skills and Practice - Abrioux%2C Chrétien and Fayaud - First Edition - Oxford 2013.pdf is great for helping guide you in the different formats of writing.

Lastly, for the reading paper, I just recommend you read some short stories in french, and if you don't have books in french you could perhaps try reading the news in french, just small fragments each day, and write down vocabulary that you did not know. 

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