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Bio SL or ESS SL?

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Hi! I'm new to this site. Well, anyways... I'm doing the IB Diploma program at my American high school and have just finished my 2 years of 'pre-IB.' So next year I'll be starting official IB and I am so scared! My grades weren't that good these past 2 years and I really need to get nearly perfect grades these next 2 years to get my GPA up, and I believe with hard work it will be possible! I'm really interested in international relations and law and humanities type of subjects. These are the HLs and SLs I'm signed up for thus far:

HL Economics, HL English, HL History

SL Math, SL Spanish, SL ESS OR BIO?!

I really can't decide between these 2 and I need to before school starts! I'm really interested in science but I'm not the best at it (not the worst either!). I'm currently signed up for ESS but I feel like it's looked down upon and not as respected. I'm really into Biology and have been considering a career in it but I'm afraid I won't get good grades and it will be much harder than ESS. Don't get me wrong, I'm fascinated by the environment as well and a huge advocate for the issue of global warming. All in all, I'm just really confused! Please help!!!

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