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chance of us unis with scholarships

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Hey guys,

I have to submit a list of 10 unis to school before summer break ends, I am really looking forward to a good uni in the US, but my grades are not that great, and I need a scholarship as well (asian student). I am aiming for psychology, hopefully in a top 30 university. My SAT score is 1380 (retaking in October) and my final exams grades are 36 (possibly a PG 38-39).  I have good extracurriculars but not quite related to psychology does it matter?

What are my chances of getting in unis like UCs, NYU, Boston, Michigan...? My top choice would be UCLA, but I heard that it's very competitive, and difficult for international students to get financial aids as well. 

Can anyone suggest me some other universities that I can consider? Thanks a lot!


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Hey valentinallama!!

I don't really know your chance of getting into any university in particular, but what I can tell you is that since you are an International student, you should consider Universities in Canada as they do have better acceptance rates. University of British Colombia (UBC) and University of Toronto are really good, but you should research if they have the courses you would want to do.

When the question is about extracurriculars, it doesn't matter what it is as long as you are good at it. 

Coming back to Universities in the USA, don't bother too much on the ranking as there are many colleges in the country! What you need to look out for is if that University is really for you if you think you will fit in. Look at statistics for acceptance rates, percentage of International students, how much aid it gives, etc.....

But still go after the Universities which you liked....go to their websites and research further about them.....

Try to do your best in academics, but what you should keep in mind is the Universities don't cut off applications based on grades entirely. They look at the whole personality, so extracurriculars will definitely help. Don't get put down because of competition or financial aid....if you apply, you might get financial aid after all.....even if you get rejected, at least you tried....it is better than not trying with the fear of failing...and then regretting it.....

If you need anything to ask, feel free to. I wish you the best of luck for IB and the SAT! I hope I was helpful. 

Have you taken psychology for IB? If so, HL or SL?



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