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candian vs us universities

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Hi, I'm just really confused about admission requirements for universities in these two countries. Do i need to take social studies 11 if i take IB business and management to get into universities? And do i need to take physics 11 if i am taking biology and chemistry in IB? Thank you so much

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Covering Canadian universities here:

Most universities only care about your Grade 12 courses. You need to take a certain list of courses to get into your desired program (for example, engineering is chem, physics, English, pre-calc and calc). You of course need to take the Grade 11 course before you take the Grade 12 course, so if you need physics to get into the program, it's your responsibility to get both Grade 11 and 12 credits, even if your IB program does not offer physics (do summer school instead)

The one exception would be British Columbian universities like UBC. I believe they do care about Grade 11 courses, but since I'm not from that province I can't help out much there.


So short answer: look at what you want to study, and see what high school courses are required to get in.

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