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HL Physics vs HL Psychology

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I am choosing my subjects for the IB, and need advice about whether I should do HL Physics or Psychology. I think that I want to do something in the field of law in the future, but am not sure and so I want to keep my options as open as possible. My subjects so far are:

HL English

HL Economics

SL French

SL Math

I know that my other two subjects will be physics and psychology, but since many universities consider psychology an easy subject, I was wondering if I should do physics as my third HL subject. This will mean that I have a language, a social science and a natural science in my HL subjects, so even if I change my mind about law I still have the option of doing something more in the area of science and my HL subjects aren't too heavily focused on the humanities.

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Hey! For Law, essay sibjects are the way to go in terms of HL. I would reccommed HL History instead of Economics. With regards to HL Physics or Psychology, you shoiuld do what you want. If you want to seem more cometivite, maybe you should go with physics, however, its really hards, so bare that in mind. HL Pyschology isn't really seen as a soft subject, so you should do that if you want. I hope I'm not too late!

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