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I am planning to use "what are the religious origins and aims of ISIS?" for my extended essay, but my teachers were not really sure about it. Should i do it? I am really keen on studying ISIS as an organization but I am not too sure if I can use it as a extended essay topic.

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I am not quite sure what subject would till fall into. World studies? History? I heard something about not being able to do an EE on something that is younger than 10 years old for history, but then again I do not take this subject so this might not be correct.

Your question seems also quite broad for an EE, so you should probably refine your question and focus on a certain aspect/aim and how they try to execute it maybe. Try reading the 2018 EE guide (the EE rubric changed from 2018 on and is much different from the previous years!) and it should help you :)

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