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Do read this if you take Psychology or know stuff about Psychology.

Here's something I need advice on. So you guys know how EE submissions are done before IA submissions. I did me EE in Biology and I also take Psych. So in my EE in Biology I took consent forms from my participants that had general instructions promising them that there will be voluntary participation, allowed withdrawal, no harm, etc.

This was part of the form in the EE. When the entire EE was put through turnitin, it didn't have any highlighted portion.

A month after submission, we submitted out Psych IAs. As a lot Psych students may know, IAs require an experiment to be conducted where you write a consent form and briefing forms and everything. I wrote the similar instructions there as well since I knew how consent forms were written after doing my EE. The issue is that one phrase regarding withdrawl came highlighted when checked under turnitin. It was the same phrase I used in my EE. 6 words. I don't know if it came highlighted from my own EE or some other document. But I've been thinking about this since day 1. So I changed these words in my Psych IA but now I'm worried why is that phrase coming highlighted in the first place when it didn't come highlighted in my EE.

What my argument here is, are general ideas part of the consent form that are taught in class (eg 'you may leave the experiment if you wish' etc) considered to be plagiarised? Because that phrase was what came highlighted in my IA but not in my EE. Are such ideas part of consent form considered to be plagiarism because they are common instructions. The thing is, I'm just so worried that recentally I've been going through some really bad depressive symptoms, where i have been constantly under pressure and have stress regarding this issue.

Secondly, do schools send turnitin reports along with EEs and WAs and stuff to IB? or does IB have a system of their own to check because school send it then that won't be a problem because in the report for my EE it did not show any highlighted portion

Can somebody give me advice on this?

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