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I am having trouble with my extended essay. I was thinking of either doing it on the effects of the prohibition on American crimes, or on the extent the Treaty of Nanjing afftected the decline in Chinese imperial power. However I am not sure which one to choose.

I think that the prohibition one might be too vague and cannot amass as much arguments as the Treaty of Nanjing topic, but I cannot find a lot of primary sources for the Treaty of Nanjing. I've heard that an EE essay on history needs a lot of primary sources but so far I've only found the original treaty and that was it for the treaty of Nanjing.

So I'm wondering which topic would be better for the EE essay: one that might not have as much relevant arguments, but has a lot of pictures and documents or one that does not have a lot of primary sources but might have more to talk about than the obvious: the prohibition increased crime rates in America.

Any advice on this?

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