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Hello guys, 

I have encountered a problem with my self taught book list. 
I have read through the IB self taught document, and it mentioned that the authors should be chosen from different genres, which I have done correctly. When I first chose the authors from the PLA list, they belong to different genres (short story and novel). However, when I started to prepare for the part 2 oral commentary, I found that these two works I have chosen from one of each author were all prose fiction. And this means that both of the works have the same five part 2 oral questions. Is this possible? It would be really strange that the IB does not realise this problem.
The problem in brief is that the 'genre' in the PLA list (such as novel and essay) does not match up with the 'genre' in the oral commentary (such as prose fiction and prose non-fiction). And for some reason I accidentally chose two works, which belong to two different genres, from the PLA list, but they are all prose fiction...
Can someone please help me with this insane situation...
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