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Hello everyone who is experienced in IB!!!! 

I need help. I am currently in grade 10 and choosing my IB subjects, I want to take two science higher level courses and was wondering what is another HL course that could probably help me get an IB diploma. I am also not doing as well as I expected in English I currently have a score ranging from B+ to A- , and our English course is mostly based on analysis of poems and short stories. We had two diary entries that I really enjoyed writing and I really want to score high in English and was wondering whether Lang and lit might be easier than lit. I am also really interested in Psychology but most people tell me that if I do psychology instead of business and management HL it might make me struggle because of the amount of work included. Here is the list of my courses, currently: (I really don't want to struggle because I am taking Bio and Chem HL)

Biology HL

Chemistry HL

Bus&Mgt HL

Farsi SL

English SL

Math SL

Can someone please help me!! I plan on majoring in biochemistry in the future and I really want to get into a good university like UCLA. I was wondering if the subjects I chose could probably help me land myself there? Please Help me and someone tell me if what I am taking is too rigorous!!

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 I've heard that English lang and lit is easier than lit because lit is all-out analysis, while lang and lit doesn't have as much emphasis on literary analysis. You already have Bio and Chem as your HLs so I don't think you need to make your life harder with psychology, since there is so much of memorization involved whereas business is more common sense.

You have bio and chem HL so I think you should be fine getting into a university for biochem, just make sure they don't have maths HL as a requirement. Other than that your course selection doesn't seem too rigorous so long as you work hard for bio and chem.

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Those are good subjects if you want to do anything Science-related at Uni. Most Uni's require Chem HL and often, Bio HL so play it safe and take those subjects. Perhaps check the entry requirements for the unis you are interested in just to make sure!

I do Bio, Chem and Psych HL and English Lit SL so I can talk on behalf of those subjects. Bio, Chem and Psych are all really content heavy subjects that require a lot of your time and attention and they are pretty interesting subjects! My favourites are Bio and Psych and there are some overlaps between all three subjects, and if you think you'll enjoy them, then why not just do them? Chem is seriously difficult but once you get your head wrapped around, you'll be fine as long as you revise them over and over. Lots of understanding required for Chem; lots of memorisation required for Bio and Psych.

English Lit is quite fun, actually. I got A*A* at GCSE so it's my good-ish subject, I guess. Idk. I'm not sure what to say about English as it depends on the kind of person you are, I guess. If you enjoy reading and being analytical, then go for English Lit!


(Also, I see that you put down Farsi SL... are you Iranian?) 

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