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I always wonder whether it's possible to remove/prevent rusting on metal. I searched online and found that salt can decrease the oxygen concentration in water. With decreased oxygen concentration it would be harder for rusting to occur. But why are rusting for metal parts of ships occurs even more frequently? (since sea water should have a high salt concentration). That leads me to my IA topic: The relationship between rate of rusting and salt concentration. (pending only).


As i dig deeper, I found that rusting usually takes a long long time to occur. Is there a way to increase the speed of rusting? 


Furthermore, I am considering measuring the weight of rust formed by scraping them off the testing metal. Will it be wise to work this out on a piece of small metal that can be tested inside a test tube? Or is this IA topic too easy to complete? 

Many Thanks:D




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The topic looks very original. Try it out first; show it to your teacher. If the lab is too easy you can always add an additional component to it as you complete most of the labwork, but if the question is too hard then you might have to redo the whole thing. I don't find your topic easy because it is not a paper that people can easily find similar labs on, and it shows you are pursuing something of your own interest. Your reaction is a redox reaction so best that you first understand related concepts in redox/electrochemistry. I am not familiar with the new SL syllabus but the HL one gives you all the tools you need. You also encounter a decent chunk of rate law concepts that are not covered in the syllabus, but you should be ok. 

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