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Computer science at Canadian universities

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I've applied for computer science to waterloo, mcmaster and carleton. I don't know which one to choose. I already got into carleton and I have to reply soon. The thing is I haven't heard anything from the other two universities. I expect to hear from them in may as I read that that's when they make most of the offers.


If I go to carleton, I get a scholarship. I also like the campus and how its near the rideau river. I've heard mcmaster is good too, but I'm not applicable for any scholarship. Waterloo is where I want to go, but I'm doubtful whether I'll get in.


Should I accept carleton offer or decline and wait for the other two?

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Hi op,


I suggest waiting until the last minute of your deadline for Carleton. You can ask call Waterloo and tell them about your situation. See if they can prioritize reading your application.  If not, then accept the offer. The worst thing that can happen is just pay a small fee to withdraw your acceptance if Waterloo does accept you. The timings of universities is pretty bad, I totally feel you.


Hope you get into Waterloo!  :D

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