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My EE subject is Economics (I take HL).

I was told by everyone I asked that an Econ EE should be something that primary data is very accessible for, so I had the idea to investigate the competition between the three food vendors in my school. I then came up with the question:


"To what extent are the three food vendors at ___ operating in monopolistic competition?"


Is this question too narrow/too broad/badly phrased/unlikely to get an A? Also, I'm not sure if many students have done it in the past, but is having a question other students in my school have done many times a bad thing? 


Thanks for any help

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In Economics EEs, titles about market structures are definitely the most common ones. However, it is totally fine to write your EE about it. The IB examiners are unlikely to have viewed previous EEs from your school about this topic since every year the EEs are sent out randomly. Your title seems absolutely fine as long as you will have access to the primary data of your food vendors. Also make sure to talk about it with your supervisor.


Good luck!

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