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IB Subject selection help!

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Hey, guys!

I had to hand in my DP subject choices, I start the program in September 2016. I really want to study engineering ( mechanical, aerospace and electronics are my main choices). So I chose these subjects, I just wanted an opinion on how they are. 









English lang lit

Dutch lang lit 




1) Are these subjects a good choice ( I'm aware they're difficult, but I'm a good student with an average of 6.5+/7 in the MYP)?

2)What would I need to do to get into uni's like Oxford, Cambridge, UCL and such top schools?

3) What is the DP like?

4)What should I do to survive and thrive in DP ( time management etc)?


I know that there's a lot of questions, but I'm really nervous and want to do as well as possible, hopefully scoring 40+...


Thanks in advance.


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Oh lord, I'm dealing with the same thing here. 

I'm confused and I don't know what to do since I want to study both medicine in the UK (or somewhere else abroad) or in Sweden. 

However, I think your choices are good. An advice is to rethink about Math HL, majority of IB students who chose Math HL did not make it and had to retake the course.


Good luck!

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Our subject choices are so similar! They are really good for engineering and the universities will be looking for these subjects. But like everyone says, they are difficult. Now, this totally depends on how good you are at grasping concepts and whether you like these subjects or not. But if you're so sure, I don't think you should drop them. Economics HL is a cakewalk, at least for me and so is chemistry, to a point. Physics and math are difficult sometimes, but if you can manage them, well and good. Think about math, though. Its hard to score in and many people lose out because of this. Though it's be great if you could do math, because the top unis are looking for this.


You know, the first thing I noticed while reading your subjects - you have 7 subjects. Now, I'm not discouraging you or anything, but its not easy to manage 6 subjects, especially with the phy, chem, math combo. You'll have tonnes of assignments and presentations, reflections, blah blah blah. Its hard to find time for things even with 6 subjects so maybe see if you can do 7, go with it for now and decide later if you wanna continue with that.


For the top universities, you'll need a 40. That's recommended, as they only take really good students. You might get in with a 38-39, but anything less and you shouldn't think about going to those unis. Of course, the higher your score, the better. They'll look mainly for phy, chem and math grades if you apply for engineering so make sure you have at least two 7s. The admission depends on your personal statement as well so make sure that's hella good as well, because otherwise you don't get in and there's no point in getting such a high score, losing out because you didn't write one essay properly.


Its not so easy to answer what IB is like, everyone's experience will be different. You learn a lot of things but you go through hell as well. You'll realise at the end, you're all you got. You'll have so many assignments and essays, OHMYGODDDD. You can check out this link for time management, IB tips, etc.


Welcome to IB!! :D ^.^

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For your questions 2, 3, 4: do some brief searches on this forum. These are quite general questions that for each we have countless threads. If later you have for specific questions feel free to ask us later.

I want to say that previous grades are not good indicators of IB marks. Yes there are a lot of forum members scoring 40+ here on IBSurvival, but don't underestimate the difficulty of any of your classes. 7 courses AND 4 HLs AND 2 language A's are not necessary. A higher overall mark out of 45 is much more desirable. 

I do think HL Chem, Math and Physics is a good combo. If I were to take off any course, it would be HL Economics. Then your 2 language A's and your overall combo is much more manageable. If you are applying to top engineering programs, the chem+physics/math combo is highly recommended if your school offers such opportunity.

Given that you haven't started the DP yet, I have to give conservative projections. I am not making this recommendation of dropping one the group 3's thinking you won't make it through 7 subjects, but as a general advice I would give to any candidate hoping to get into a highly competitive engineering program. The extra group 3 course will NOT distinguish you from many other applicants. But if you have some intensive commitment and experience in STEM (science, tech, engineering, math), that will set you apart. You can only have these commitments if you have relatively some free time. This free time spent going to such experiences will be much much more beneficial than spending it on a second group 3.

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