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IA help,the prisoner's dilemma and the Nash Equilibruim

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I am posting this because I really need your assistance and I would really appreciate if you could help me out (lately I've been getting no responses), I recently got my draft for my IA back with an estimated grade of 16 out of 20 and the comment that in order to improve my grade I should include more mathematics. In my essay I investigate the stability of different scenarios as well as model possible strategies. i also create my own scenario and solve it. I anybody aware of functions I can explore or similar topics with 'more mathematics'.


I want to reiterate that I would really appreciate any suggestions and would encourage people to contact me if they need help chem EE or any question relating to my HL courses. (Chem, Bio, Spa)

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Hey! It's so funny that im also trying to make my IA about the same topic but a year later hahahah. Actually im a Spanish A sl student because i had to take that subject as self taught, due to that im very lost about some things that im supposed to cover for my syllabus. So if u could help me a bit it would be great.

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