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Math SL IA: Going outside syllabus?

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Hey Guys!


For my math IA, I could really take my topic to the next level if I could include modular arithmetic in my IA. I've heard different people tell me conflicting views about including outside syllabus topics in your SL IA. 


Can anyone give me a clear cut answer?


I don't take maths SL, so I may not be the most knowledgeable person on this, but I know that in math HL they don't mind (in fact, it's really common) if you do an out-of-syllabus topic. The criteria for the IAs in SL and HL is pretty much the same, with a few exceptions in criterion E (use of mathematics). But, if you use an out-of-syllabus topic and you explain it well (you show the examiner that you know what you're doing and understand what you're talking about), it will earn you a lot of marks in criterion E (which I think is 6 points of the total 20). Plus, studying a topic which isn't on your syllabus in order to do your IA shows Personal Engagement and could earn you points in that criterion as well. I would say go for it. N


Nevertheless, you might want to ask your teacher what she/he thinks. 


Maybe that wasn't a clear cut answer, but I hope it helped. 

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This is a very clear answer for you.


Yes it is allowed for you to use mathematics that are out of the syllabus that you studied in IB (even for HL)


This is based on page 49 in the IB Maths SL Guide (pg 70 for IB Maths HL Guide)


On Criterion E for the Internal Assesment



Students are expected to produce work that is commensurate with the level of the course.


The mathematics explored should either be part of the syllabus, or at a similar level or beyond.


It should not be completely based on mathematics listed in the prior learning.


Here is a link to download the Guide.





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