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What do you have on your desk?

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So, from the left to the right:

A set of sticky notes of different colours and shapes.

A calculator (Casio, not sure about the model).

An iMac on a monitor stand for a more ergonomic posture whilst sitting.

A desk lamp, just some cheap, basic one I got in a local store. Gets the job done. I'd love to get a LED one though.

My Watch on its charging dock, as well as my phone charging cable.

A leather "thingy" which lets you put different stuff on it so it doesn't get scratched by rough surfaces or debris on your desk (link here:http://www.ikarus.de/mono-depot-ablage-fur-accessoires.html)

This cute little fella to hold my small notecards :http://www.ikarus.de/memo-morris-zettelhalter.html

Sharpies. Lots and lots of sharpies... They're everything for me <3

My body cream/moisturiser

And my tablet...

It's quite a lot when I look at the list, though the desk seems to be half-empty :P I'm not sure if you're into tech or not so I wasn't able to filter everything out.

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I have a shelf near my desk where I keep most of my desk things when I'm not using them. (It's easier for me to focus if I can't see a massive amount of stuff to do)

On that shelf I have:

Some English and history textbooks

'important' papers from last year, currently sorting through the history stuff

my wallet and some loose cash

my watch

a few Russian textbooks (I thought I would try to teach myself Russian)

Charging cords for my laptop and phone

100 ml graduated cylinder 


On my desk I have:

Pens, sharpies, dry erase markers and pencils scattered around

some mail from colleges

A to-do list

a college app i'm in the process of writing


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I have two workspaces.


First workspace - which I use to do 'non-typing' job such as presentation, image editing, programming, website building (ITGS IA), and most importantly gaming:

My desktop PC with two monitors, post it notes scattered on the monitor tops.

Lots and lots of post-it notes.

A pile of paper.


A lot of programming/computer science related book.


Second workspace - a very small coffee in front of my low bed, I use it to do essays and schoolwork only:

Work laptop.

A pile of math HL 'holiday practice paper', about 10cm in thickness.

Graphing calculator

A pen

A novel book that usually changes every month or so

School books under the table

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I have a huge desk

on it


few doctrine books

my Sunday school notes 

IB text books and note books




sticky notes

deadlines for the day list

time table

pencil case


GDC calculator

periodic table

water bottle

snack crisp and crunch :typing:

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my desk is huge i have:

sticky notes

5 magazine holders

4 pencil tins

charity tin

Quran (Islamic Holy book)

a dog speaker

my laptop

a tiny rubbish bin

craft stuff

stationary thing from typo


fake flowers

2 canvases

a drawing pad

nail polish remover

Princess sign

In the draws:

Nail polish

make up and make up bag

make up pads

more crafty stuff


a lamp


Under my desk:

Laptop bag

school bags


This is no exaggeration I'm serious this is most of the stuff on my desk, and in my house my room is sorta the room of ' This doesnt have a spot? Uhh just put it in Yasmine's room'

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