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Is it too late to change my subject?


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So, I have a dilemma. Thing is, my school made me choose my EE topic a few months back (around August or so), and I chose History. I worked roughly on my History essay about Napoleon, but then I realised that I hated it. I mean, I love history - I just hate historiography. Anywho, I then thought of another EE question for English. Thing is, I am three days away from starting my IB2 Year and I fear it may be too late to change subjects. Plus I think my supervisor will kill me. What do you think?

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Well, I think you should first consider if you actually even have the option to change. I was in the Nov 2013 session and our deadline for changing subjects for our EE was at the end of IB1, even though I didn't really start researching/writing my EE until March/April of my IB2 year (2013). So I would firstly recommend that you talk to your IB/EE coordinator to find out if you've passed the deadline for changing subjects - if the deadline's gone, then you don't have a choice to make anymore.

I personally don't think it's too late for you to change (if you can) - although I would recommend you try to do some research into your English EE question and see if it's actually a plausible 4000 words one before you definitely switch. Another good thing to do would be to see if you could check your potential English EE question with an English supervisor to find out what they think?

As for your supervisor "killing" you, :P just remember you're ultimately the one doing the IB, so if an english EE will be better for you then you should consider it regardless of how he/she might feel.. good luck!

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Since your Nov 2014, you should still be able to change. There were people in my year that made changes to classes during their second year. Speak to your supervisor because school deadlines are usually different to IB deadlines.

Do which subject you feel more comfortable doing and think you can score well. Historiography is very important in history EEs so if you're not comfortable with it then you probably should avoid doing a history EE. For dealing with your supervisor, just explain to them your situation. I'm sure they'll understand, plus it's less work for them.

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